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Love Roma, Volume 1 Minoru Toyoda

Love Roma, Volume 1

Minoru Toyoda

Published August 30th 2005
ISBN : 9780345482624
208 pages
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 About the Book 

A charming 5 volume series about a high school love between the two main characters. What sets this apart from a middle-of-the road high school romantic drama is the fantastic bluntness of the main characters - they tend to speak their minds rather than think oh I dont know what to say...angst angst... A lot of the comedy of the series comes from this.Personally I really like the art style in this series, altho Ive heard quite a few people say they had to get past the art to appreciate the story - each to their own I guess, you can judge by the covers whether you would like the art or not.The only thing keeping this from getting 5 stars is that some chapters chug along a bit and either dont move anything forward at all or just re-iterate things that have already been touched on. But in general this was a charming feel-good series.